Design Technologist, iOS

  • Doordash
  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Mar 26, 2020

Job Description

We’re looking for a Design Technologist to develop the tools, processes, and prototypes that enable design and engineering to work efficiently & consistently to build high-quality products.

Design Technologists are the nexus of design and development. They push the boundaries of user interface design, design systems, and prototyping at DoorDash. By being the bridge between Design and Engineering, our Design Techs help drive design decisions and support them with code. This is a truly unique opportunity to help define and shape a fast-growing, global consumer brand.

 What You’ll Do

  • Build and maintain our component and styles library, focused on iOS. Essentially, you will be building the UIKit/SwiftUI/Material Design library equivalents for DoorDash, and much, much more.
  • Collaborate with designers to define our interaction patterns & visual language, and design how it gets propagated through tooling for Design and Engineering.
  • Collaborate with iOS engineers to use our component and styles library; working with each team to infuse Design craft and quality into their work & processes.
  • Own, augment, and build the software our designers use—we’re not afraid to build new tools or explore the newest technologies to make our work better and more collaborative.
  • Write documentation and guidance on how and why components, styles, and patterns should be applied in code and design.
  • As a designer, you’ll engineer prototypes using our Design System as well as your engineering skill-set to help our product designers solve product design problems.
  • You’ll articulate design decisions across design to engineering and vice versa.

 About You

  • You care deeply about setting up the team for success—helping define and evolve the design system to help other designers and engineers do their best work is 80% of this job.
  • You are an engineer that values and practices good design, or has been a designer in the past. You can contribute to both designs and engineering; leveraging both of those skill sets in one role excites you.
  • You think in systems; you can see how all the parts fit together, and how a small change can propagate throughout.
  • Design is special to you; while other engineers love to be close to the metal, you want to be as close to the pixel as possible. Accessibility, animations, color contrasts/palettes are something you advocate for often, and love to write.
  • You can anticipate how aspects of the system will be used by designers and engineers, and design component APIs for the best default user and developer experience.
  • You care about how you can make the system evolve over time—you make design and engineering decisions that make company-wide changes easy.


  • At least 6 years of iOS engineering experience. (Bonus points if you’d rather write in Kotlin and Swift rather than Objective C and Java)
  • You have a high bar and an eye for good design—you care about the details, love working with designs and designers, and are unafraid to contribute constructive, thoughtful feedback on designs.
  • Must be able to contribute high quality, production ready code for iOS. We need to be able to jump between platforms at any time if it’s what makes sense for our developers and users.
  • Deep knowledge of iOS UI frameworks and layout paradigms—you know AutoLayout, UIKit, and CoreGraphics like the back of your hand, or know how to wrangle ConstraintLayouts to do what you need.
  • API and library design experience—you know how to build software that other software engineers can use successfully. You can make the right way to use the design system as well as the easy way to use it.
  • Some experience with Sketch, Figma, Principle, Flinto (and other Design tools).