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Job Hopping is No Longer a Stigma – Especially in a Startup

When you stay at a job for any given amount of time, you will quickly come to realize that you earn many privileges within your position. Some of those privileges are incredibly lucrative, and come in various forms such as bonuses, pay increases, trips, and other lavish luxuries. But, what about the times where you find yourself in the in-between? What if you realized that there things you won’t be able to feel any better about in your job, in your position, or in the place where you currently find yourself?
Today’s article deals directly with that in-between, and how you no longer have to be ashamed, afraid or awkward about job hopping in 2020’s job market – especially when it comes to working with a startup.

The Stigma Surrounding Job Hopping

It used to be that when someone couldn’t or wasn’t able to continue with a job for whatever reason and quit within less than a year of staying put, it appeared as somewhat of a stain of character on the employee or job seeker. People in days gone by have always sort of had it in their minds that job security, longevity, and responsibility showed marks of character.
Companies back in the day and even up until a mere few years ago would simply pass these types of job candidates up because they couldn’t offer the stable, long-lasting employee status they were looking for.

My, my…how things have changed

It would appear that in 2020, it’s becoming more and more normal for employees to quit jobs for various reasons or another, without really giving it a second thought, worrying about job security, losing 401K, benefits and more. Further, it appears that now more than ever, more employers are viewing these types of employees as more valuable, because they couldn’t be too concerned with all of the bells, whistles and frills that the company can offer them. They also find it a bit exhilarating to find employees that can bring much more diversity, experience and freshness to the table than can their counterparts.

Employers seem to enjoy working with fresh, new talent these days who are very energetic, interested in expanding their knowledge base, and giving them a chance to grow and thrive in a new company setting for various reasons -- but chastising them for their decision to move on quickly doesn’t seem to be something many bosses are holding in high regard these days for one reason or another.

Now that we understand how and why the stigma surrounding job hopping has become a bit less of an issue, let’s take a look at why it’s especially true for those looking for employment within startup positions.

Why There’s Not a Stigma Surrounding Job Hopping in a Startup

With startup opportunities, many of these companies hire individuals who share the understanding that, despite having a particular job title, that won’t be all they do. Most startups are fresh, new, and are run by those who are a bit inexperienced themselves, and or don’t possess a big wealth of knowledge or potential based upon their lack of employment skills. Welcoming new employees who are fresh-minded, experienced in various facets, and ready and willing to work as a team is imperative for a startup – the more experience, the better.

Many individuals are even hired straight out of high school or college, or work with a startup while still in college, enabling them to work part time or with flexible hours of their choosing.

The important thing to take away from this portion of the article is this: simply being inexperienced, or experienced in various facets and self-identifying as a sort of, ‘Jack of all trades’ doesn’t disqualify you for a startup position – in fact, it might even help you to succeed in your position, grow with your company, and teach a thing or to to others who might be completely clueless about how to do something you just might be skilled enough to do.

If you go into employment with a startup fully expecting to stay for a couple months or so, just be up front and honest with your employer and say so. Chances are, they will be thankful for the help – although temporary – and have adequate time to locate a replacement. Who knows? You might end up falling in love with your position within the company and choose to stay put and plant some roots.

Nobody knows what the future holds, or so they say!

It’s important to mention though, some companies do prefer the reasons as to why someone job hops to be valid and hold merit, however. If you just decide one day you don’t feel like going in to work anymore because you don’t like the color of the walls, that probably won’t go over too well.

If, however, you decide to leave your position with the company because, for example, your actual job duties are vastly different from how they were explained to you either in the job description or during your interview, that would probably be a lot more acceptable and understandable.

Additionally, it’s also important to note that quitting and job hopping consistently so you don’t get fired so you quit-before-they-can-fire-you because of faults of your own probably won’t go over well, either.

Perhaps you really expected to receive benefits and you just don’t have that option in your current position – most employers will understand that as a reason for having left. Just try to keep your reasoning legitimate and realize that your story will probably be corroborated and fact-checked with former employers to ensure what you’re saying is true.

Age is Nothing But a Number

Remember this as well: when it comes to securing employment within a startup, it doesn’t matter if you’re 65 or 22. The age factor really isn’t a factor for most companies. In fact, hiring a diverse group of individuals with vast differences in age, race, sex, and ability is not only the legal way of doing business, but it adds to the environment in the workplace, keeps things interesting, and allows for people from all walks with various experience levels to collaborate on projects, providing opportunities for everyone to grow, learn and support one another in their positions.

Everyone wins.

Once we step out of our comfort zones, it becomes increasingly clear that opportunities abound – and there’s pretty much nothing we can’t do. That’s the beauty of working with a Startup. Startups offer us the ability to experience new job roles which may or may not be in an area of something we have ever done before – but there is always some form of experience that we can bring to the table to offer in the position – and that’s incredibly exhilarating, if we do say so ourselves.
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Don’t allow your lack of experience limit your possibilities. Go for the gold, and you will realize the sky’s the limit.