About us


Hi there, I am glad you are here.

My name is Daniel and I am working for a startup, previously worked for large corporations and consultancy, was on the brink of burnout many-many times not because of the lack of work life balance but the lack of a meaningful job.

Does that sound familiar to you if yes you may want to read further. :) 

After searching and waiting for the right opportunity for almost a year finally I found the place where I can thrive, can be myself an my day is not poisoned by workplace politics, simply because there is no time for that.

If this still sound compelling to you then start your search here or read further and learn about what is the catch here.

The answer is rather simple, things at a startup are changing very dynamically, seriously, you may work in a totally different team, department or even function next day and be honest to ourselves some of us may find this constant change overwhelming and prefer to have a more stable job.

The good news is that  not all startups are the same and their values and the feel working for them can vary extremely, working for a startup being in its early seed stage is very stressful and demanding however, a startup passing its series C or D funding can be more stable and less stressful. 

Anyway, my idea with unicornboard was to help like minded people finding their next opportunity at a startup, being it their first step into the startup arena or their next step from a startup to another.